Another popular form of surfacing these days is BLOCK PAVING. The real advantage of paviours over tarmac is being able to match the paviours to your environment. The vast array of paviours on the market these days allow you to create either a very modern look or the cobbled effect of yesteryear.

Block Paving



There are two main type of paviours:-
1) Concrete paviours
2) Clay paviours
Concrete paviours are a coloured concrete product and will fade with time, where as clay paviours are fired like a house brick and will not fade.



Beware - paviours need a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking at their best. Weeds will grow in between the blocks and will have to be dealt with from time to time. Pressure washing the surface every 2/3 years will get rid of the grime and bring the colour back out of the paviours. You will need to re-sand the paviours using a kiln dried sand obtained from most large builders merchants.



The construction depth is 110mm, and therefore in most situations the old surface will have to be removed first in order to achieve the correct levels. Providing there is sufficient subbase, the blocks (60mm depth) are laid on a bed (50mm depth) of clean stone. The laid blocks are dry sanded and plated to achieve final compaction.